Photo of Jan Prokaj, Ph.D.

Jan Prokaj, Ph.D.


Inferring Tracklets for Multi-Object Tracking


  • Recent algorithms solve the tracking problem hierarchically: first find short tracks (tracklets), then iteratively extend into longer tracks
  • How to optimally determine tracklets?


Diagram illustrating the construction of the DAG.
  • Consider object detections in a sliding window of frames (4-8 seconds)
  • Build an association graph (DAG), or detection graph (representing all possible associations over a sliding window), for each detection in the first frame of the sliding window
  • Label detections in this graph as valid (consistent with the initial detection) or invalid (inconsistent)
    • MAP inference in a Bayesian network
  • Generate track(s) from the resulting sequence of valid detections




  • Executables for Linux/Windows:

    2012-05-20 release (recommended) Download

    2012-04-09 release Download

    2011-08-16 release Download


J. Prokaj , M. Duchaineau, G. Medioni . Inferring Tracklets for Multi-Object Tracking. In Workshop of Aerial Video Processing joint with IEEE CVPR , pages 37-44, 2011.


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